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We're Growing

We are growing

Applebee's is the largest casual dining chain in the world with annual sales of $4.7 billion. Already a staple of the casual dining market, Applebee's is pursuing expansion opportunities and looking for individuals and/or firms with a serious interest in developing our successful brand internationally.

Become A Founding Member

Ideal franchisee candidates will have a proven business track record, a solid organization, an established net worth and, above all else, a passion for developing and operating an American-style restaurant in Canada. Please view our franchise requirements for more detailed information.

Now is a great time to get involved with Applebee's. We thank you for your interest.

Franchising Requirements

In order to see if you'd be a great fit for our team, please review the following key economic terms for developing in International markets.

Current Terms of Development

  • Territory Development Fee-A fee for the exclusive rights to develop Applebee's restaurants within a certain territory during the term of your Development Agreement. It is a non-refundable amount due at the time of signing the Development Agreement.
  • Franchise Fee-A $40,000 fee per restaurant.
  • Royalty-4% of Gross Sales for the first 24 months after the opening of the restaurant. After the first 24 months, we have the right to increase the results to 5% of Gross Sales.
  • Advertising Fee-The Franchisee is required to spend not less than 3.5% of Gross Sales on local marketing, advertising, public relations, etc. An additional fee of 0.5% of Gross Sales is paid to Applebee's for a marketing fund that is used in part on creative development.

Additional Requirements

Applebee's development agreements generally require a franchisee to build and operate a minimum number of restaurants in a particular geographic area within a period of three to seven years. This requires prospective franchisees to have a substantial net worth and cash availability position. We generally require a minimum US$1,000,000 net worth for each restaurant scheduled under our multi-unit development agreement with additional minimum requirements for liquid/cash assets. We also prefer that our franchisees have someone on their team with multi-unit foodservice or retail experience.

More detailed information is available in our franchise offering circular. View the preliminary application.


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